Hufbeschlagschmied / Hufschlaglehrschmied: Recognition

Anyone who wants to work as a hoof shoesmith or hoof shoesmith needs state recognition.

If you want to work as a hoof shoesmith or as a hoof shoesmith, you need state recognition.

Examination certificates acquired outside Germany in the field of hoof and hoof fittings can be treated in the same way in accordance with the Hufbeschlag-Anerkennungsverordnung. This ordinance also regulates the procedure of state recognition for persons with equivalent certificates.

Evidence of:

  • a completed vocational training,
  • a two-year full-time practical activity subject to social security contributions with a hoof shoesmith who has been operating a hoof shoeing trade for at least three years after state recognition as a hoof shoesmith,
  • attendance of the required courses (4 weeks - introductory course and 4 months - preparatory course),
  • a successfully passed examination (Hufbeschlagschule),
  • the reliability required for the exercise of the profession (certificate of good conduct).

The application must be submitted informally.

  • § 3 Abs. 1, 4 Gesetz über den Beschlag von Hufen und Klauen (Hufbeschlaggesetz - HufBeschlG),
  • Ordinance on the Fitting of Hooves and Claws (Hufbeschlagverordnung - HufBeschlV),
  • Ordinance on the Equivalence of Examination Certificates Acquired Outside the Scope of application of the Hufbeschlaggesetz or abroad with the Examination Certificates according to the Hufbeschlagverordnung and their consideration in the state recognition (Hufbeschlag-Anerkennungsverordnung - HufBeschl-AnerkennV).

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