Plant protection products: Unauthorised area of use - Authorisation

Anyone wishing to use plant protection products in an area of application other than the one specified in the authorisation requires an authorisation.

Plant protection products may only be used if they are authorised. The competent authority may, on a case-by-case basis, authorise the use of an authorised plant protection product in an indication other than those specified by the authorisation, provided that:

  • the application is envisaged
    • to plants that are grown only to a small extent, or
    • against harmful organisms which cause significant damage only in certain areas, and
  • the intended use corresponds to that in a field of application specified by the authorisation.

The authorisation shall be accompanied by the conditions necessary to protect human and animal health and to protect against other harmful effects, in particular on the natural balance.

Before granting the permit, an opinion of the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety must be obtained from the competent state authority.

The application forms according to § 22 PflSchG can be found on the website of the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Agriculture.

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It should also be noted that an authorisation for the use of a plant protection product on plants and plant products from which food can be obtained may only be granted if the expected residues are covered by a maximum quantity in the Maximum Residue Limits Regulation and the food obtained contributes only to a small extent to the daily average consumption quantity.

Information on the subject of plant protection can also be found on the website of the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Agriculture.

  • Plant protection in horticulture
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  • State Ordinance on Administrative Fees for Plant Protection Matters (subheading - PflSchVwGebV SH.

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