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Anyone who wants to carry out training in first aid for the acquisition of a driving licence needs official recognition.

Bodies that carry out training in first aid for the acquisition of a driving licence require official recognition.


  • There are no facts that make the applicant (in the case of legal persons, the persons authorized to represent them under the law or the statutes) and the training staff for instruction in life-saving emergency measures and training in first aid appear unreliable.
  • The qualification of the training staff has been proven.
  • Suitable training rooms and the necessary teaching materials for theoretical lessons and practical exercises are available.

Recognition may be limited in time and subject to conditions (in particular with regard to the training of persons involved in the training and training).

In preparation for its decision, the competent authority may order the production of an expert opinion on whether the conditions for recognition are met. Further information can be obtained from the competent authority.

§ 68 (1) Ordinance on the Admission of Persons to Road Traffic (Driving Licence Ordinance - FeV).

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