Transport of weapons: permit Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you want to transport firearms or ammunition, you need a permit.

If you want to transfer firearms or ammunition to the scope of the Weapons Act, to other member states of the European Union or to Switzerland across borders, you need a permit.


  • The recipient is entitled to acquire or possess these weapons or ammunition and
  • safe transport by a person entitled to acquire or possess these weapons or ammunition is guaranteed.

If firearms or ammunition are to be brought to Germany from another Member State of the European Union, the permit is granted as consent to the permission of the other Member State for the transfer in question.

If the place of destination is another Member State of the European Union, its consent is also required.

  • information about the person of the transferor and the acquirer,
  • information on weapons,
  • Delivery.

Further documents/proofs may be required. It is therefore recommended that you contact the competent body in advance in this regard.

The weapons authority can only issue the corresponding transfer permit if the competent authority of the recipient state has given its prior consent (import permit).

Für die Beantragung der Waffentransporterlaubnis über den Einheitlichen Ansprechpartner Schleswig-Holstein steht Ihnen ein elektronischer Antrag (Antragsassistent)  zur Verfügung.


This achievement does not concern the personal carrying of weapons, for example as a sports shooter.

In certain cases, there are reporting obligations to the Federal Criminal Police Office (see § 34 WaffG).

Before transferring weapons to another state, it makes sense to inform yourself in advance about the weapons regulations applicable there. The respective embassies/consulates are available for this purpose. Regardless of the provisions of the weapons law, the customs regulations must also be observed.  

  • §§ 29 et seq. of the Weapons Act (WaffG),
  • § 29 General Weapons Act Ordinance (AWaffV),
  • Landesverordnung über Verwaltungsgebühren (VwGebV SH) (subheading 25.1.56)

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