Insemination centre: Permission to operate in accordance with the Animal Diseases Act

You may obtain authorisation to operate an insemination centre or embryo collection or production unit if you fulfil certain conditions for recognition.

If you want to operate an insemination centre, embryo collection or production unit for cattle, pigs, sheep, goats or equidae, you need a permit under the Animal Breeding Act.

Permission shall be granted if:

  • a veterinarian manages the facility from a veterinary and technical point of view or the performance of the veterinary and technical tasks is ensured by a veterinarian contractually bound to the semen collection centre,
  • the personnel necessary for proper operation are available,
  • the facilities necessary for the collection, treatment, storage and delivery of semen are in place, and
  • in the case of an insemination centre, the male breeding animals are present.

The permit refers to the respective institution with its parts of the business as well as to the respective animal species. It is usually granted for 10 years. It may be reissued.

  • the name, address and indication of the legal form of the operator
  • the addresses of all parts of the holding and their function for the collection, treatment, storage and delivery of semen or ova and embryos
  • the indication of the material field of activity
  • Written form required: yes
  • Personal appearance required when applying: no
  • Personal appearance required at on-site inspection: yes


  • The headquarters of their institution are located in Germany.
  • They can ensure that the animal health hygiene requirements necessary to maintain the health of animal populations are complied with.
  • They can ensure that a veterinarian manages the facility in a veterinary and technical manner or that the veterinary requirements are met by a contractually bound veterinarian.

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The operator's permit shall be obtained from the local animal husbandry authority responsible for the establishment's registered office.

The procedure is as follows:

  • An informal application for operating licence must be submitted in writing with the necessary documents
  • After examination of the conditions for recognition by means of an on-the-spot check, the decision to grant the permit is taken
  • Permission may be subject to conditions.

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