Commercial Register: Entry

If your commercial enterprise requires a business operation that is set up in a commercial manner in terms of type and scope (indications are e.B. a larger, especially international activity, larger warehousing, the volume of sales or the number of employees), the entry in the commercial register is mandatory.

Certain changes to your company must be entered in the commercial register in the same way.

  • publicly certified registration for the commercial register
  • Depending on the legal form of your company and the type of facts to be entered, further documents must be submitted (in some cases also to be certified by the notary)

You can find out which documents you have to submit in individual cases from the notary and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

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  • §§ 8a, 10 and 12 of the German Commercial Code (HGB)
  • §§ 23 et seq. Commercial Register Ordinance (HRV)

To apply, please contact a notary.

  • The notary advises on the formulation of the application.
  • The registration takes place exclusively by electronic means, for this purpose a publicly certified document is created.
  • The declaration is provided with a qualified electronic signature (within the meaning of § 39a Beurkundungsgesetz/BeurkG) and sent to the electronic court mailbox of the registry court.
  • The registration is ordered by the registry court in the court's internal database and also makes the entry known on the Internet ( )

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