Commercial register: Excerpt

An excerpt from the commercial register reflects the current legal situation of a company.

An excerpt from the commercial register reflects the current legal situation of a company. The excerpt indicates in particular who can legally represent the company. Various authorities and institutions (trade office, banks, etc.) therefore require the submission of an extract from the register. In addition, any interested party can inspect the commercial register or obtain an excerpt. A distinction must be made between an extract and a certified extract.

You also have the option of merely inspecting the commercial register.



For some purposes (for example, submission to foreign authorities), an apostille by the President of the District Court or Regional Court or an over-certification by the Federal Office of Administration and legalization may be necessary in addition to the printout.

Further information on costs can be found in the Common Register Portal of the Länder.

General information on courts and judicial authorities can also be found on the website of the state government of Schleswig-Holstein.

  • Common register portal of the Länder
  • Information on courts and judicial authorities
  • Ordinance on the Establishment and Management of the Commercial Register (Commercial Register Ordinance - HRV),
  • § 9 of the German Commercial Code (HGB),
  • State Ordinance on the Management of the Register of Trade, Cooperatives, Partnerships and Associations (Register Ordinance - RegVO),
  • Act on Costs in Matters of Administration of Justice (Law on the Costs of Justice - JVKostG), Annex (to § 4 paragraph 1), list of costs,
  • Act on the Costs of Voluntary Jurisdiction for Courts and Notaries (Court and Notary Costs Act - GNotKG), Annex 1 (to § 3 paragraph 2).

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