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  • Approved hospitals are all hospitals included in the respective hospital plan of a country (§ 108 No. 2 SGB V). Hospital planning is the responsibility of the federal states (§ 6 paragraph 1 KHG). The establishment of hospital plans serves to achieve the objectives stated in § 1 paragraph 1 KHG: To ensure high-quality, patient- and needs-based care of the population with efficient digitally equipped, high-quality and self-reliant hospitals. Admission or non-admission to the hospital plan of a land is determined by decision (§ 8 paragraph 1 sentence 3 KHG). The care decision can be divided into two decision-making stages: In the first stage, all hospitals are identified that are needs-based, efficient and cost-effective The goals mentioned in § 1 paragraph 1 KHG have the character of qualification characteristics. Provided that more hospitals meet the qualification criteria (needs, performance, quality and cost-effectiveness) than are necessary to meet the identified needs, the hospitals that best meet the objectives of the hospital plan shall be selected at the second stage, taking into account public interests and the principle of carrier diversity. The objectives stated in § 1 paragraph 1 KHG (needs, performance, quality and cost-effectiveness) form the relevant selection criteria. Among other things, the number of patients treated, regional accessibility or a wider range of disciplines were recognized as selection criteria with the same quality in the provision of services. A ranking ratio among the mentioned criteria does not exist. The establishment of the hospital plan is followed by the externally effective assessment decisions made by the competent state authorities, with which the admission, non-admission or even the removal of a certain hospital in / from the hospital is determined.
  • Written application of the hospital operator for the assumption of a specific care order and thus inclusion in the state hospital plan
  • Within the application: Specification of the subject area, if necessary the subdiscipline, information on the number of required planned beds, indication of the time of commencement of the supply order / time at which the measure is to take place / be implemented, if necessary information on the necessary personnel / equipment, etc.
  • There are no binding requirements for the application, so details must be clarified with the responsible ministry / authority



  • Admission as a hospital by inclusion in the hospital plan = fulfillment of the relevant selection criteria by the applicant hospital: needs, performance, quality and cost-effectiveness
  • Approved hospitals: § 108 Fifth Book of the Social Code (SGB V)
  • Responsibility for state hospital planning: § 6 Hospital Financing Act (KHG)
  • Determination of admission or non-inclusion in the hospital plan by means of a declaratory decision: § 8 paragraph 1 sentence 3 of the Hospital Financing Act (KHG)
  • Hospital treatment by approved hospitals: § 39 paragraph 1 Fifth Book of the Social Code (SGB V)
  • Public funding of investments: § 8 Abs. 1 Krankenhausfinanzierungsgesetz (KHG)
  • Qualification characteristics for planned hospitals: § 1 paragraph 1 Hospital Financing Act (KHG)
  • Hospital applies for inclusion in the country's hospital plan to the authority responsible for hospital planning / ministry
  • The competent authority / ministry makes the supply decision on the basis of the relevant qualification characteristics (needs, performance, quality and cost-effectiveness)
  • Making the externally effective assessment decision by the competent authority / ministry on the admission, non-admission or exclusion of a particular hospital in / from the respective hospital plan
  • Determination of inclusion in the hospital plan = admission of the hospital

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