Displays of persons: permission Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Anyone who wants to organize commercial displays of people needs - in addition to the business registration / a travel trade card - a permit.

If you would like to organize commercial displays of people or have them organized on your premises, you need a permit (in addition to the business registration and, if necessary, a travel trade card).

Displays of people are, for example, striptease or peep shows and the mere presentation of people with conspicuous body features.

If the performances have a predominantly artistic, sporting, acrobatic or similar character, their performance is not subject to permission in accordance with the Trade Code.

  • Proof of your personal reliability,
  • Proof of your professional aptitude,
  • where applicable, proof of your financial capacity,
  • where appropriate, evidence of certain spatial conditions.

Elektronischer Antrag Erlaubnis für die Schaustellung von Personen gemäß § 33a GewO (Antragsassistent des Einheitlichen Ansprechpartners Schleswig-Holstein)

  • § 33a Gewerbeordnung (GewO),
  • Landesverordnung über Verwaltungsgebühren (Allgemeiner Gebührentarif) Tarifstelle 11.8.5 - VwGebV.

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