Setting up play equipment with the possibility of winning: Permission Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Traders who want to set up playground equipment with the possibility of winning require a permit for this.

Traders may only set up play equipment equipped with a technical device influencing the outcome of the game and which offers the possibility of winning (winning goods, winning money) if they are authorised to do so by the competent authority.

In addition, for each device set up, you must prove that the chosen location is suitable for this purpose. The permission you need for the installation and operation of such play equipment may be subject to conditions.

Prerequisites for setting up play equipment with the possibility of winning are:

  • the applicant's personal reliability,
  • the design of the playground equipment is approved by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt,
  • the place of installation complies with the implementing regulations of the Industrial Code.

The competent authority may impose conditions at any time, both to you and to the trader in whose establishment a playground equipment is installed.

You must apply in writing for permission to set up gaming equipment with the possibility of winning. Required documents are:

  • Police certificate of good conduct (document type 0),
  • Extract from the Central Trade Register (document type 9),
  • Tax clearance certificate from the city or municipal treasury of the municipality of residence,
  • Extract from the register of debtors and certificate from the insolvency court (available from the local court responsible for the place of residence),
  • in the case of legal persons, also: extract from the commercial register (in the case of registered companies) and, if applicable, a copy of the articles of association (for example, in the case of a partnership under civil law),
  • in the case of associations, also: an extract from the register of associations and a copy of the statutes,
  • proof of information to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and
  • a social concept..

Elektronischer Antrag Erlaubnis für die Aufstellung von Spielgeräten mit Gewinnmöglichkeit gemäß § 33c Abs. 1 GewO (Antragsassistent des Einheitlichen Ansprechpartners Schleswig-Holstein)

  • § 33 c Industrial Code (GewO),
  • §§ 1, 2 Ordinance on Gaming Equipment and Other Games with The Possibility of Winning (Gaming Ordinance SpielV),
  • Landesverordnung über Verwaltungsgebühren (Allgemeiner Gebührentarif) Subheading 11.8.1 - VwGebVO

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