Technical installations and facilities: Test experts - Recognition

Anyone who fulfils the general and special requirements for this field can be recognised as an auditor of technical installations and facilities.

As part of the inspection of technical systems and facilities in accordance with building code law, test experts in their respective specialist area check and certify compliance with building regulations requirements on behalf of the client or the other person responsible under building regulations.

The test experts are independent within the scope of the audit tasks incumbent on them and are not bound by instructions from the client.

Recognition as an audit expert for technical systems and facilities only takes place if you meet and can prove the general requirements as well as the special requirements for this specialist area (including proof of professional experience and special expertise). The recognition procedure includes a written and an oral-practical examination to determine the special competence.

  • birth certificate or certified copy or certified copy,
  • Curriculum vitae with complete indication of the professional career up to the time of application,
  • certified copy or certified copy of the diplomas and employment certificates,
  • proof of the application for a certificate of good conduct for submission to an authority (document type O or P) or an equivalent document from a Member State of the European Union which should not be older than three months,
  • information on the place of business or any branches,
  • information on any participation in a company whose purpose is the planning or implementation of construction projects, and
  • Proof of compliance with the special requirements for recognition in the respective subject areas and, if provided, disciplines.

An informal application is sufficient.


Recognition can be applied for in the following subject areas:

  • Ventilation
  • CO warning systems,
  • smoke and heat extraction systems,
  • fire extinguishing systems,
  • fire detection and alarm systems,
  • Safety power supplies.

The test experts only check compliance with building authority requirements, not the function as a matter of the rest.

  • §§ 2 Abs. 2, 4, 6, 20-22 Landesverordnung über die Prüfingenieurinnen oder Prüfingenieure für Standsicherheit sowie Prüfsachverständigen (PPVO),
  • State Ordinance on Administrative Fees in Matters of Building Supervision (Baugebührenverordnung - BauGebVO), subheading 9.5.

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