Soil protection: recognition of experts Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Anyone who has the necessary expertise and reliability as well as the equipment required for the subject area may be recognised as an expert.

They may, upon request, be approved or recognised by the competent authority as experts in one or more of the following fields:

  • Extensive and site-specific recording and historical exploration,
  • Hazard assessment for the soil-water impact pathway,
  • Hazard assessment for the soil-plant pathway, precautions to limit substance inputs into the soil and when materials are introduced and introduced,
  • Hazard assessment for the soil-human impact pathway,
  • Rehabilitation or/and
  • Hazard identification, assessment and prevention of harmful soil changes due to soil erosion by water.

Anyone who possesses the necessary expertise and reliability and has the necessary equipment for the subject matter shall be approved or recognised as an expert or expert.

The Länder may lay down detailed rules on the requirements to be placed on experts and investigating bodies, the nature and scope of the tasks to be carried out by them, the presentation of the results of their activities and the disclosure of experts.


In the information system ReSyMeSA of the countries, the responsible authorities of the countries as well as their requirements and applications / forms are displayed. ReSyMeSa is used to search for the bodies and experts notified by the federal states in the environmental areas of waste, soil/contaminated sites, immission control and water.

  • ReSyMeSa
  • § 18 Act on protection against harmful soil changes and on the remediation of contaminated sites (Federal Soil Protection Act - BBodSchG),
  • State Ordinance on the Recognition of Experts for Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites according to § 18 BBodSchG (SachVBodSchAltLV SH).

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