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Anyone who has participated in a corresponding training course of the Ihk receives a certificate of information (guarding trade).

Information on the certificate of information for the security industry

A security trade permit will only be granted if you have participated in an IHK information on the regulations and obligations necessary for the exercise of the trade. The training courses for the information certificate for the security industry teach you the legal regulations and subject-specific duties and powers necessary for the exercise of the security industry. The knowledge is checked by oral and written questions. You will only receive the certificate of establishment if you have taken part in the briefing without absence.

This obligation to provide information applies to security contractors and security guards.

For shop detectives, inspection rounds in public spaces and bouncers, one instruction is not enough. For this you need the certificate of competence for the security industry.

The registration form for the information will be provided by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


An 80-hour briefing must be attended by:

  • persons who wish to carry out the security business as self-employed persons,
  • self-employed security operators who were granted permission after 1 December 1991,
  • in the case of legal persons: the legal representatives (managing directors), insofar as they are directly entrusted with the performance of guarding tasks and have taken over these tasks after 1 December 1991,
  • Managers if they have not become active in this function until after 1 December 1991.

A 40-hour briefing must be attended by:

  • Employees who are to be entrusted with the performance of guarding tasks, unless they have taken over these tasks from a security undertaking before 31 March 1996.
  • § 34a Gewerbeordnung (GewO),
  • §§ 1-5 Ordinance on the Security Industry (Bewachungsverordnung - BewachV).

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