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If you want to work in the security industry, you need a permit.

All activities in the security industry (e.g. property or personal protection) require a special permit. "Guarding" is understood to mean the activity aimed at protecting the life or property of third parties from interference by third parties.

The specific activities covered by the term "guarding" are wide-ranging. They are enough

  • from conventional bicycle, motor vehicle and building security,
  • via the event service,
  • passenger control,
  • the execution of cash and valuables transports, the protection of persons
  • up to the guarding of industrial and military facilities as well as nuclear power plants.


  • They have the reliability required for the business operation and the necessary means or corresponding collateral.
  • You need a successfully passed competence examination of the IHK ( certificate of competence ) for
    • inspection rounds in the public transport area or in domiciliary areas with actual public transport,
    • protection against shoplifters and
    • guarding in the entrance area of catering discotheques.
  • For other activities in the security industry, a certificate of information from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce is sufficient.
  • Identity card
  • Certificate in tax matters of the tax office,
  • Certificate in tax matters of the municipality,
  • Extract from the debtor file of the local court responsible for the place of residence,
  • Extract from the Central Trade Register,
  • proof of sufficient business assets,
  • Proof of the conclusion of the necessary liability insurance,
  • Proof of successful completion of a competence examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) or, if necessary, proof of information from the IHK.

Elektronischer Antrag Erlaubnis zum Betrieb eines Bewachungsgewerbes gemäß § 34a GewO (Antragsassistent des Einheitlichen Ansprechpartners Schleswig-Holstein)


With regard to the requirements for permission to work in the security industry, a distinction is made between the following guarding tasks:

  • certain guarding tasks, for example certain inspection rounds, monitoring of discotheques, protection against shoplifters who require a competence test by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and
  • other guarding tasks which differ from those mentioned above, for the exercise of which a proof of information (IHK) is sufficient.
  • § 34a Industrial Code (GewO)
  • Landesverordnung über Verwaltungsgebühren (Allgemeiner Gebührentarif) Subheading 11.2.1 - VwGebV

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