Waste disposal: waste transport - permit

The collection and transport of hazardous waste requires a permit.

Collectors and carriers of hazardous waste require the permission of the competent authority in the federal state in which the company has its headquarters (§ 54 Act on the Promotion of the Circular Economy and Ensuring the Environmentally Compatible Management of Waste - Circular Economy Act - KrWG). In all other cases of waste transport, this activity must be reported to the competent authority (§ 53 KrWG). As part of the official procedure, the expertise and reliability of the farmer or the persons responsible for the management of the holding are checked, among other things.

Excluded from the permit requirement according to § 54 abs. 1 sentence 1 KrWG are according to paragraph 3 public waste disposal providers and waste disposal companies within the meaning of § 56 KrWG insofar as they are certified for the activity subject to permission. However, activities within the meaning of § 53 (1) KrWG are subject to the obligation to notify.

Paragraph 53(1) to (5) and Paragraph 54(1) to (6) of the KrWG shall not apply until two years after the entry into force of this Act on 1 June 2012 in respect of collectors and carriers who collect or transport waste within the framework of economic undertakings (e.B craftsmen). In order to specify the requirements and the procedures, the legislator has issued the Notification and Authorisation Ordinance (AbfAEV).

Detailed information on which application documents are necessary for national or cross-border shipments can also be found on the GOES website.


The notification and authorisation requirements apply to both national and transboundary shipments of waste.

  • Act on the Promotion of the Circular Economy and Ensuring the Environmentally Sound Management of Waste (Circular Economy Act - KrWG),
  • Ordinance on the Notification and Permit Procedure for Collectors, Carriers, Dealers and Brokers of Waste (Notification and Permit Ordinance AbfAEV),
  • Landesverordnung über Verwaltungsgebühren (Allgemeiner Gebührentarif), Tarifstelle 1.36 - VwGebV.

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