Community school and community school with upper level

The community schools (GS) comprise grades 5 to 10, the GS with upper level grades 5 - 13.

The community school comprises the six grades 5 to 10 in the lower secondary level. If necessary, a grammar school upper level with grades 11 to 13 follows. The community schools with upper level therefore comprise grades 5 to 13.
An outstanding feature of community schools is joint learning.
Community schools are committed to the individual support of pupils, regardless of the school qualifications to be achieved.

The different performance possibilities are mainly met by forms of internally differentiated teaching. The community school leads pupils of all abilities in a joint course of education to the school leaving certificates of the lower secondary level or to the transfer to the upper school.

In grades 5 to 7, the student receives certificates in the form of a report certificate. At the latest at the end of grade 8, grades must be awarded.

Upon request, students who need a longer learning period can attend the Flexible Transition Phase (FlexPhase), in which grades 8 and 9 are completed in three years.

At the end of grade 9, the first general school leaving certificate (formerly: Hauptschulabschluss) can be obtained, at the end of grade 10 the Mittlere Schulabschluss. As for all school leaving certificates in Schleswig-Holstein, examinations must be taken, which include centrally provided written work in German, mathematics and English, at least one oral examination and a project presentation. The community school also leads to a transfer to the upper secondary school or "community schools with upper levels" in a 9-year course to the Abitur.


For the 2010/11 school year, all existing comprehensive schools were converted into community schools.

From the 2011/12 school year, the Hauptschulen have been merged with the Realschulen to form regional schools or converted into community schools.

From the 2014/2015 school year, all regional schools have been converted into community schools.

Further information on community schools in Schleswig-Holstein can be found in the state portal "Education Schleswig-Holstein".

  • Community Schools
  • Schleswig-Holstein School Act (School Act - SchulG),
  • State Ordinance on Community Schools (GemVO),
  • State Ordinance on the Design of the Upper School and the Abitur Examination in Grammar Schools and Community Schools (OAPVO).

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