Primary school: Transition to secondary school ("orientation level")

The orientation level serves to find out whether the students or Pupils are likely to be able to work successfully at the Gymnasium.

Your child attends the fourth grade of primary school. After receiving the development report, you must choose which school your daughter or son should attend in the future.
Schleswig-Holstein offers the opportunity to attend a community school or a grammar school.
In the grammar schools, grades 5 and 6 are designed as orientation levels. The aim of the orientation level is to support and challenge the children and to determine whether the pupil is likely to be able to work successfully at the Grammar School.
Community schools do not have an orientation level - these schools are characterized by longer joint learning and individual support. All pupils should be supported and challenged according to their possibilities and should also be taught together to a large extent beyond grade 6.


An updated information brochure "Which school for my child" is published annually, which is distributed to all students in grade 4.

  • Schleswig-Holstein School Act (School Act - SchulG),
  • State Ordinance on Community Schools (GemVO),
  • Landesverordnung ├╝ber die Sekundarstufe I der Gymnasien (Schulartverordnung Gymnasien - SAVOGym).

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