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If the identity card cannot be found because it has been lost or stolen, the loss must be reported immediately.

If you no longer have your identity card because it has been untraceable, lost or stolen, you must report this loss immediately ( notification of loss ).

Applying for a new identity card it is required.

If the processing time of 4 weeks is too long, a temporary identity card can be applied for if necessary. This will be issued immediately.

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Suitable proof to establish your identity (for example, passport, official photo ID or driver's license) as well as proof of the correctness of the spelling of your name (birth, marriage, marriage certificate, family book, declaration of naming, etc.).


Without the possession of a valid IDENTITY card, there is an administrative offence , which can be punished with a fine of up to 5000, - Euro according to § 32 paragraph 1 number 1 in conjunction with § 32 paragraph 1.m number 1 in conjunction with paragraph 3. paragraph 3 of the German Identity Card Act.

Further information about the identity card can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI).

  • BMI - The identity card
  • Act on Identity Cards and Electronic Proof of Identity (Personalausweisgesetz - PAuswG),
  • Ordinance on Fees for Identity Cards and Electronic Proof of Identity (Id Card Fees Ordinance - PAuswGebV).

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