Drinking water supply and drinking water fee/drinking water fee Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Drinking water is supplied by local water supply companies. For further information, please contact the municipal or municipal authorities.

The population is supplied with drinking water through the local water supply companies. Information about the respective water supplier can be obtained from the municipal or municipal administration.

The provision of services for the supply of drinking water to citizens and customers must cover the costs. The respective supplier is therefore charged a fee for the direct supply of drinking water, which, depending on the basis of calculation, is divided into a basic fee and a fee per m3 consumed or represents only a quantity charge.
The customer will be involved in the costs of the new connection once.

The amount of drinking water costs is different as well as that of connection costs and must be requested from the supplier.


Further information on the topic of drinking water supply can be found on the website of the state government.

  • Groundwater use and drinking water supply
  • Section 50 Law on the Order of the Water Budget (Water Budget Act - WHG)
  • Municipal Code for Schleswig-Holstein (Municipal Code - GO)

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