Medical Specialist Service / Youth Medical Service

Among other things, the specialist medical service carries out Schueingag examinations and vaccination campaigns.

In order to protect and promote the health of children and adolescents, the competent authorities carry out in particular the school medical tasks in accordance with the provisions of school law.

In doing so, they carry out the examinations necessary for the early detection of diseases, disabilities, developmental and behavioural disorders in children and adolescents, determine the vaccination status and provide treatment and care services. This also includes the implementation of measures for the detection and prevention of dental diseases (group prophylaxis), in particular through regular examinations to detect dental, oral and maxillofacial diseases in day-care centres and schools.

The aim is to protect and promote the health of children and adolescents. The area of responsibility includes:

  • School entrance examinations,
  • Information, advice and education about health hazards or health-promoting behaviours,
  • Implementation of vaccination advice and vaccination campaigns,
  • Individual counselling for pupils and teachers,
  • Disability counselling and
  • Health reporting.
  • Yellow pension booklet,
  • vaccination certificate,
  • anamnesis sheet,
  • glasses or
  • Healing aids.

Further documentation may be required. Detailed information on this can be obtained from the competent authority.


Contact persons and contact details can be found at the health services and health authorities of Schleswig-Holstein.

  • Public health services and health authorities in Schleswig-Holstein

Act on the Public Health Service (Health Services Act - GDG).

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