Sick pay

Sickness benefit is a benefit of health insurance that is intended to compensate for the loss of income due to illness-related incapacity for work.

In statutory health insurance, certain members (e.g. employees, recipients of unemployment benefit I) are entitled to sickness benefit as part of health insurance and in farmers' health insurance, assisting family members who are subject to pension insurance are entitled to sickness benefit. This becomes relevant if the illness makes them unable to work or if they are treated inpatient in a hospital, preventive or rehabilitation facility at the expense of the health insurance companies.

Entitlement is suspended to the extent and for as long as the insured person receives contributory wages or income from work during the illness or receives sickness benefit, injured person's allowance, transitional allowance, maintenance allowance or short-time working allowance.

The entitlement is also suspended as long as the insured person takes parental leave under the Federal Parental Allowance and Parental Leave Act, the insured person receives maternity benefit or unemployment benefit I or the entitlement to benefits under the Employment Promotion Act is suspended due to a blocking period. This also applies if the sickness benefit is higher than one of these benefits.

Sickness benefit amounts to 70 % (out of a hundred) of the regular salary earned, insofar as this is subject to the calculation of contributions (standard salary). However, it may not exceed 90 % of the net salary. Contributions to pension and unemployment insurance are payable from sickness benefit.

For assisting family members of an agricultural entrepreneur who are not subject to pension insurance, the sickness benefit for the calendar day is one eighth (up to one quarter, if applicable, according to statutory provisions) of the contribution assessment limit of the statutory health insurance.

§§ 44 et seq. of the Social Code (SGB) Fifth Book (V) - Statutory Health Insurance

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