Educational aids

Educational aids are used to support parents in raising their children.

The education and care of a child is primarily perceived by the parents. Sometimes, however, additional assistance from the state in education may be necessary.

The person entitled to custody is entitled to help with the upbringing of a child or adolescent if an education in accordance with the best interests of the child or adolescent is not guaranteed and the help is suitable and necessary for his development. Offered types of help for education are, among other things, educational counseling, social group work, educational assistance, care assistants, socio-educational family assistance, education in a day group, full-time care, home education and other assisted living forms or intensive socio-pedagogical individual care. The choice of the type of assistance depends on the educational needs in the individual case. The use of the aid does not entail any state interference with parental responsibility for parenting. The help serves to support the parents in the performance of their educational tasks and is intended to improve the educational conditions in the family.

The help for education is a jointly designed and time- and goal-oriented process. As a basis for the design of the help, the specialists draw up a help plan together with the custodian and the child or adolescent. This contains statements on the needs, the type of assistance to be provided and the necessary services. The specialists regularly check whether the type of assistance provided is still suitable and necessary.


According to § 41 of the Social Code (SGB) - Eighth Book (VIII), a young adult is also entitled to help with personality development and independent life care (aftercare) if and as long as (usually up to the age of 21) the help is necessary due to the individual situation of the young person.

  • § 41 SGB VIII

§§ 27 ff. Social Code (SGB) - Eighth Book (VIII) - Child and Youth Welfare.

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