Social assistance: integration assistance for people with disabilities

The integration assistance serves, among other things, to integrate people with disabilities into society and to enable them to live a largely independent life.

The task of integration assistance for people with disabilities is to prevent an imminent disability or to eliminate or mitigate its consequences. Another goal is to integrate these people into society and to enable them to live largely independently.

Integration assistance is only granted on request.

The benefits of integration assistance include, in particular:

  • Early support and early counselling of disabled children and their parents,
  • promoting the integration of mentally and physically handicapped children in kindergartens and general education schools,
  • help for an adequate school education,
  • help for schooling in an appropriate profession,
  • Help for attending a university,
  • medical rehabilitation services,
  • benefits for participation in working life,
  • Services in the work area of a recognized workshop for people with disabilities,
  • Benefits for participation in life in the community.

In order to achieve the most effective support for people with disabilities, the social welfare institution draws up an overall plan for the implementation of the individual services as early as possible together with the disabled person, the attending physician, the health office and possibly with the youth welfare office or the employment agency.

Persons who are not only temporarily mentally, emotionally or physically significantly disabled or are threatened by such a disability are entitled. The benefits of integration assistance are subordinate to the benefits of other social service providers or rehabilitation providers (e.g. health insurance, pension insurance institutions, employment agencies, accident insurance institutions).

Depending on the circumstances, you will need, for example,

  • proof of disability,
  • all proof of income,
  • Proof of accommodation costs and proof of assets (bank information).

Detailed information can be obtained from the competent authority.

§§ 90 to 150 Social Code (SGB) Ninth Book (IX)

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