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Federal parental allowance is available to parents for the care of a newborn child (duration: maximum 14 months, amount: 67 percent of net income, but no more than € 1,800.00).

The parental allowance supports all parents who want to take care of their newborn child flexibly and in partnership in securing their livelihood. This also applies to separated parents. It wants to help ensure that the current individual economic situation as well as later possibilities of general interest for mothers and fathers do not deteriorate by giving priority to caring for their child themselves in the first months of life.

Parental allowance is available as basic parental allowance, parental allowance plus (with a maximum of half the benefit amount with a doubled reference period of the basic parental allowance) and partnership bonus; these forms can be combined with each other and allow for births from 1 September 2021 a parental allowance (only) until the completion of the 32nd month of life.

Parents who earned a maximum of 300,000 euros together in the last completed assessment period before the birth of their child are eligible; for single parents, the income limit is 250,000 euros. For births before September 1, 2021, the income limit for couples was 500,000 euros.

Basic parental allowance
In the first 14 months of the child's life, the parents are generally entitled to 12 months of basic parental allowance. If the earned income is reduced in at least 2 months after birth, the other parent can receive 2 additional so-called partner months of basic parental allowance. These can be obtained simultaneously or alternately. You can also apply for the partner months if you are a single parent.

Parental allowance must be received by one parent in at least 2 months of the child's life. Basic parental allowance can be received by one parent for a maximum of 12 months of age. Something else applies to single parents or in other exceptional cases. From the age of 15 months, parents can usually only receive the ElterngeldPlus or the partnership bonus.

Parental Allowance Plus
Instead of one month of life with basic parental allowance, parents can also opt for two months of parental allowance plus with half the benefit amount at the latest until the 32nd month of the child's life.

Partnership Bonus
Together, parents can receive up to 4 additional months of Parental Allowance Plus (partnership bonus months) for births from 1 September 2021 for part-time employment if they work an average weekly hourly range of 24 to 32 hours at the same time for up to 4 consecutive months of life (for children born before 1 September 2021, it is between 25-30 hours per week, here only exactly 4 months of life can be requested). This also applies to single parents.

Amount of parental allowance
The amount of parental allowance depends on the amount of income before the birth of the child and on whether income ceases to exist after birth. For higher incomes, parents receive up to 65 percent, for lower incomes up to 100 percent of the net previous income. Part-time income after birth, even from a mini-job, can affect the amount of your parental allowance. Inform your parental allowance office as soon as possible if you are working or pursuing a mini-job while receiving parental allowance. The parental allowance office can then recalculate your parental allowance individually.

The basic parental allowance is therefore between 300 euros and 1800 euros per month and the parental allowance plus between 150 euros and 900 euros a month with a doubled reference period. The partnership bonus months are also Parental Allowance Plus months.

For families with other small children, a so-called sibling bonus of at least 75 euros for the basic parental allowance (37.50 euros for the parental allowance plus) can be considered. In the case of multiple births, a supplement of 300 euros (150 euros for parental allowance plus) is paid for each additional newborn child.

New regulation for premature births from 01.09.2021
For births from 1 September 2021, the following also applies: If the child is born 6 weeks before the calculated date of birth or earlier, up to 4 additional months of basic parental allowance are possible, depending on the originally calculated date of birth. In these cases, too, the use of the Parental AllowancePlus variant can double the parental allowance period by halving the amount of parental allowance.

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The Federal Parental Allowance and Parental Leave Act entered into force on 1 January 2007 and replaced the Federal Education Allowance Act, which applies to all children born from 1 January 2007 or children adopted from that date or admitted to the household with the aim of adoption.

Further information on parental allowance can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ).

  • BMFSFJ - Parental allowance
  • BMFSFJ - Family Portal/Parental Allowance
  • Parental allowance calculator with planner

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