Aussiedler- / Spätaussiedlerangelegenheiten Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In Schleswig-Holstein, the State Office for Foreigners' Affairs is responsible for Aussiedler/Spätaussiedler matters.

Ethnic German repatriates are members of German minorities from the countries of Eastern and Southeastern Europe and their family members. The largest number of ethnic German repatriates comes from the republics of the former Soviet Union. German ethnicity is anyone who is of German descent, has german language skills taught in the family and profess German ethnicity or belongs to German nationality according to the law of the country of origin. In the present fate of the war, these people will be admitted to Germany in accordance with the Federal Displaced Persons Act.

The Friedland border transit camp is the only initial reception centre in Germany for ethnic German repatriates and their family members. They are registered by the branch office of the Federal Office of Administration upon arrival and distributed to the federal states. Accommodation, care, support and forwarding is provided by the Friedland border transit camp and in Schleswig-Holstein by the State Office for Foreigners' Affairs.

Anyone who is a ethnic German repatriate, its descendant or a relative can apply for a certificate of ethnic German repatriate.


Further information on the Spätaussiedlerbescheinigung is provided by the Federal Office of Administration (BVA).
Information on the subject of ethnic German repatriates can also be found on the website of the State Office for Foreigners' Affairs.

  • Aussiedlerangelegenheiten
  • BVA

§ 15 Act on the Affairs of Displaced Persons and Refugees (Federal Displaced Persons Act - BVFG).

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