Health professions, health professions: permission to use the professional title

Job titles in health professions (e.B. occupational therapist, speech therapist) require permission.

If you want to use a job title in one of the following health professions, you need a permit:

  • Senior Caregiver,
  • Geriatric Care Assistant,
  • Nursing Assistant,
  • Dietician,
  • Occupational therapist,
  • Health and Paediatric Nurse,
  • Nurse,
  • Nurse
  • Speech therapist,
  • Masseuse and medical lifeguard / masseur and medical lifeguard,
  • Medical-technical laboratory assistant (official recognition),
  • Medical-Technical Radiology Assistant,
  • Medical-technical assistant for functional diagnostics / medical-technical assistant for functional diagnostics (foreign recognition),
  • Orthoptist / Orthoptist,
  • Pharmaceutical Technical Assistant,
  • Physiotherapist,
  • Podiatrist / Podiatrist and
  • Paramedic (formerly: paramedic).
  • Paramedics

Since different documents may be required, it is recommended to contact the responsible authority (SHIBB Landesamt) in advance.

Informal application.


The granting of permission to use the professional title is subject to various conditions. These are:

  • the successful completion of the training at a training centre in Schleswig-Holstein or
  • an equivalent training qualification abroad,
  • the personal and health suitability for the exercise of the profession.
  • Elderly Care Act (AltPflG),
  • Nursing Act (KrPflG),
  • Nursing Professions Act (PflBG)

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