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You need a housing entitlement certificate to move into apartments that have been subsidized under certain conditions.

The apartments subsidized with funds of the social housing promotion (so-called social housing) are subject to occupancy and rent control. This means that the owner may only rent out the apartments to households that have a corresponding housing entitlement certificate. In addition, the apartment may not exceed a certain rent amount. The rent is usually lower than that of other apartments.

Which households can receive a housing entitlement certificate for social housing?

A certificate of eligibility for housing can be issued if certain conditions are met. The applicant must form a household with his or her household members in accordance with § 8 (5) SHWoFG and the income limit applicable to this household must be observed. The examination of income is carried out at the authority where the application for a housing entitlement certificate is submitted.

In addition, the size of an apartment that can be occupied usually depends on the size of the household (appropriate apartment size).

There are the following living space limits:

  • for single persons with a living space up to 50 m²
  • for households with two persons with a living space up to 60 m² or two living rooms
  • for households with three people with a living space of up to 75 m² or three living rooms
  • for households with four people with a living space of up to 90 m² or four living rooms
  • for households with five people with a living space up to 105 m² or five living rooms

For each additional person belonging to the household, the appropriate apartment size increases by one room or 10 m² of living space.

The holders of a housing entitlement certificate belong to the group of persons who are allowed to rent social housing. However, you do not automatically receive social housing with the housing entitlement certificate, but have to look for the social housing yourself.


The following valid benefit notices can replace a housing entitlement certificate, provided that the household listed in the benefit notice remains unchanged and the apartment size is appropriate:

  • a benefit notice for accommodation and heating according to the Social Code II and XII
  • a housing benefit notice in accordance with the Housing Benefit Act
  • Identity card or passport
    (foreign citizens must also prove their residence status (residence permit/residence permit),
  • proof of income of the applicant and his/her household members,
  • where applicable, the child's birth certificate(s),
  • if applicable, severely disabled person's card or proof of assignment to at least care level 2,
  • where applicable, maternity passport/medical certificate of pregnancy,
  • if applicable, current certificate of enrolment,
  • if applicable, school certificate (for pupils outside compulsory schooling).

You can obtain the application for a certificate of eligibility for housing from the competent authority.

§ 8 Act on Housing Promotion in Schleswig-Holstein (Schleswig-Holstein Housing Promotion Act - SHWoFG).

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