Planning approval

The planning approval is a formal administrative procedure for the binding official determination of a plan (e.B. approval of construction projects).

Planning approval is a formal administrative procedure for the binding official approval of a plan. All public relations between the promoter of the project and those affected by the plan are regulated in a legal manner. Without the planning approval, a large number of public law procedures would have to be carried out for larger projects, which would make efficient and consistent planning almost impossible.

As a rule, construction projects are approved by the planning approval (planning approval decision, planning approval, cancellation of planning approval and planning approval). A planning approval procedure is accompanied, among other things, by a public participation procedure (so-called consultation procedure).

In particular, the construction and modification of overhead energy lines from 110 kV, airports and landing sites, gas supply lines over 300 mm, dike construction and water expansion, port expansion, railway lines, federal and state roads and motorways are generally subject to planning approval.

As a rule, the application documents consist in particular of an explanatory report, site plans and documents describing the effects of the project on the environment.

The authorities responsible for the individual procedure are at your disposal as contact persons. 

An informal letter of application is sufficient, unless otherwise stipulated in individual planning approval guidelines or by the competent authorities.

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