Posters within local passages: Permit

If you want to put up posters in public street space, you need a permit (special use permit).

Posters are used, among other things, for event advertising. The cultural life in Schleswig-Holstein is characterized by a diverse event culture. Concerts, readings, exhibitions or performances are part of the cultural diversity in Schleswig-Holstein.

As a rule, the statutes of the respective municipality/city/office determine how and where the posters may be placed. Permitted advertising spaces may be located, for example, on lampposts, advertising columns, billboards or large billboards. As a rule, posters are not permitted outside the town crossings.

The installation of posters in public streets within local thoroughfares is subject to approval (special use permit). The permit is granted on a case-by-case basis for specific locations. Posters may not be posted outside these permitted advertising spaces.


The Schleswig-Holstein State Office for Road Construction and Transport is responsible for posters outside of local thoroughfares .

  • §§ 8 et seq. Federal Highway Act (FStrG),
  • § 33 Road Traffic Regulations (StVO),
  • §§ 21 ff. Roads and Ways Act of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (StrWG).

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