Land consolidation, land management: funding

Necessary Community expenditure for land consolidation may be supported on request.

The reorganization of rural land ownership and the design of rural areas through land management (a procedure under the Land Consolidation Act) are necessary to improve the agricultural structure, to support projects in the interest of the country and to resolve conflicts of use between agriculture and public interests.

Such conflicts can arise from large-scale construction projects such as road and railway lines, coastal protection facilities or municipal planning such as bypasses or commercial settlements. But planning for nature and water protection can also trigger major conflicts for agricultural and forestry use.

The Community expenditure necessary for the implementation of land consolidation, in particular for measures to:

  • Soil order,
  • agricultural infrastructure and
  • Ensuring a sustainably efficient natural balance

are funded with grants.

The amount of funding is based on the applicable funding principles of the joint task for the improvement of agricultural structures and coastal protection. The beneficiaries must make an own contribution of at least 25 % (20 % in the case of procedures with a special ecological objective), other beneficiaries should contribute appropriately financially.


Further information can be found in the state portal "Agriculture and Environment Schleswig-Holstein".

  • Rural reorganization including voluntary land exchange (land consolidation according to GAK)
  • Regulation (EC) No 1698/2005 on support for rural development by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD),
  • Act on the Joint Task "Improvement of Agricultural Structure and Coastal Protection" (GAK Act - GAKG),
  • GAK framework plan of the joint task "Improvement of agricultural structures and coastal protection" 2009 to 2012,
  • GAK Framework 2013 to 2016: Principles for support for integrated rural development Part A: Integrated rural development.

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