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The development plan regulates the type and extent of the structural use, the buildable area and the commercial areas.

The development plan contains stipulations concerning the type and extent of the structural use, the buildable area and the traffic areas.

The qualified development plan determines in a legally binding way which structural and other facilities are permitted on a property. Determinations are made, inter alia:

  • the type of structural use (e.g. residential, mixed, commercial),
  • the extent of structural use (e.g. number of floors and floor areas, height, number of full storeys),
  • for construction (open or closed construction),
  • to the buildable land area as well as
  • to the traffic areas.

The simple development plan, which does not meet the requirements of a qualified development plan, contains only individual determinations as binding regulations and is supplemented by the provisions of the supporting §§ 34 and 35 of the Building Code (BauGB).

A development plan is adopted by the municipality as a statute. Thereafter, it becomes legally binding by publication.

The effect of the legally binding development plan for the client is twofold: On the one hand, it releases the individual building plots "for development", on the other hand, it contains the legal, generally binding barriers for the development of the land.

  • §§ 8 to 10 of the Building Code (BauGB) - Binding zoning plan (development plan)
  • Ordinance on the Structural Use of Land (Baunutzungsverordnung - BauNVO)

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