Preliminary construction notice (preliminary request for construction) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

A preliminary decision (construction decision) can be applied for on individual questions of a construction project (preliminary request).

For individual questions of the construction project, the client may apply for a preliminary decision in accordance with Section 66 of the Land Building Code for the Land of Schleswig-Holstein (LBO).

The preliminary decision provides the client with early clarity on essential aspects of his or her project and is the binding, temporary finding of the building inspectorate that there are no obstacles to the project in the scope of the decision under the public law in force at the time of the decision.

A preliminary request for construction is therefore usually useful if it is unclear whether a plot of land can be built under the applicable building planning law.

Please refer to the Building Templates Ordinance (BauVorlVO) for the necessary documents or ask the competent authority.

  • Section 66, 75 Land Building Regulations for the Land of Schleswig-Holstein (LBO),
  • Section 1 State Ordinance on the Transfer of Tasks of the Lower Building Inspectorate to Non-Official Municipalities and Offices (8th VO-LBO),
  • Section 5 State Ordinance on Building Templates in the Building Supervision Procedure and Building Supervision Notices (Building Templates Ordinance - BauVorlVO),
  • National Ordinance on Administrative Fees in Matters of Construction Supervision (Building Fees Ordinance - BauGebVO), Subheading 1.6.

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