Building permit, permit exemption, notification of disposal of plants

Information on the building application, the building permit, partial building permit and the simplified building permit procedure.

Building permit :
With the granting of the building permit, the builders can assume that the approved construction projects insofar as they have to be examined comply with the public law regulations. The building permit thus represents the end of the building permit procedure, starting with the building application.

Partial building permit :
A partial building permit can be issued before the building permit is finally issued. This allows the start of construction work for individual components.

Simplified building permit procedure :
For construction projects (except special buildings), a simplified building permit procedure according to § 69 Landesbauordnung Schleswig-Holstein (LBO) can be applied for.

Exemption from approval

Under § 68, building facilities exempt from approval do not require a building permit under the aforementioned conditions. A building inspection does not take place in these cases. The required building templates must be submitted to the municipality and another copy if the mayor of the municipality is not the building supervisory authority.

Disposal of equipment

The removal of installations listed in § 63 paragraph 3 numbers 1 to 3 is free of procedure. This does not apply to cultural monuments. All other structures and buildings, including cultural monuments, must be reported to the lower building inspectorate at least one month before removal. In the case of non-detached buildings, the involvement of a structural engineer is usually required; therefore, the lower building supervisory authority should be contacted beforehand. The disposal of nuclear installations always requires a permit.

With the building application, all building templates required for the assessment of the construction project and the processing of the building application must be submitted in accordance with the Building Template Ordinance (BauVorlVO).


There are process-free construction projects. These are regulated in § 63 LBO. These include, for example:

  • Construction projects for greenhouses,
  • gazebos,
  • Well
  • Swimming pool
  • temporary scaffolding, or
  • Bicycle parking facilities.

In these cases, the builders act on their own responsibility. They must therefore ensure on their own initiative that even a change of use does not contradict the provisions of public law, for example the determination of a development plan.

A distinction must be made between non-procedural construction projects and the exemption from approval pursuant to § 68 LBO.

  • §§ 64, 67, 69, 73 - 75 Landesbauordnung Schleswig-Holstein (LBO),
  • State Ordinance on the Transfer of Tasks of the Lower Building Supervisory Authority to Unofficial Municipalities and Offices (8th VO-LBO),
  • § 3 Landesverordnung über Bauvorlagen im bauaufsichtliche Verfahren und bauaufsichtliche Anzeigen (Bauvorlagenverordnung - BauVorlVO),
  • Landesverordnung über Verwaltungsgebühren in Angelegenheiten der Bauaufsicht (Baugebührenverordnung - BauGebVO) Tarifstelle 1.

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