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Residents' certificates are declarations of public charges (road development contributions).

Residents' certificates are declarations of public burdens (road development contributions), i.e. a possibly existing obligation to contribute to development services and the location of a property on a public road (access of the property to a public road).

If you want to acquire a property, you can obtain greater financial planning security with a resident certificate.

The following levies or contributions may be considered:

  • Development contributions (§§ 124 ff. BauGB), including services for the expansion and improvement of the development facilities,
  • reimbursement of costs under nature conservation law (§ 135 a BauGB),
  • Reallocation compensation (§ 64 BauGB),
  • Compensatory contributions in urban redevelopment areas (§§ 154 f BauGB),
  • compensation amounts under soil protection law for land that has been cleared of contaminated sites (§ 25 BBodSchG),
  • Contributions based on the services of the water or wastewater associations,
  • sealing levies,
  • Forest conservation levies.
  • Informal application with the address of the builder and the address of the land to be built,
  • Proof of ownership of the property (copy of the land register entry),
  • Pre-construction request (copy, if available),
  • Excerpt from the field map (copy).
  • Ordinance on the Principles for the Determination of the Market Values of Land (Real Estate Valuation Ordinance - ImmoWertV),
  • Building Code (BauGB),
  • Act on the Protection against Harmful Soil Changes and on the Remediation of Contaminated Sites (Federal Soil Protection Act - BBodSchG),
  • § 8 Municipal Tax Act of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (KAG).

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