Animal enclosure permit

Anyone who wants to build, operate or significantly change animal enclosures requires a permit.

Animal enclosures are fixed installations outside residential and commercial buildings where animals of wild species are kept in captivity.
The construction, substantial modification and operation of animal enclosures require authorisation. This is granted for certain installations and certain operators and sets a maximum number for the livestock of each species.

Animal enclosures do not require a permit,

  • which are under state supervision,
  • which are only installed for a short period of time or occupy an area of not more than 50 m²,
  • in which only a small number of animals or animals with low requirements for their keeping are kept or in which the highest two birds of prey of the species hawk, golden eagle and peregrine falcon are kept and the keeper is the holder of a valid falconer's license.
  • planning documents,
  • Proof of competence.

In some cases, a formal application is necessary. It is therefore recommended that you contact the competent body in advance in this regard.

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