Shooting licence

If you want to hunt, you need a hunting license.

If you want to hunt, you have to successfully pass a hunter's examination and buy a hunting license.

The hunter's examination is taken by an examination board, which is formed at the lower hunting authority. The extensive examination consists of the shooting, the written and the oral-practical examination.
Preparation courses for the hunter's examination are offered by the district hunters' associations as well as by private instructors and hunting schools. Attending a course in preparation for the exam is highly recommended.

The hunting license can be applied for after the successful hunter's examination. The hunting authority obtains unlimited information from the Federal Central Register. Certain entries according to a strictly applied standard prohibit the issuance of the hunting license or have the effect of its immediate confiscation.

However, the hunting license alone does not entitle you to hunt. In addition, a private law permit for hunting in a hunting district is required.

Documents required for the issuance (or renewal) of a hunting licence:

  • Certificate of passing the hunter's examination in the original (when applying for the first time),
  • Proof of sufficient hunting liability insurance,
  • in the case of the first exhibition or re-exhibition, a passport photo.


A private-law permit to practice hunting can be obtained, for example, by leasing a hunting ground, by issuing a hunting permit or by inviting a hunting area owner.

Hunting licences are issued to foreigners who have not passed a German hunter's examination after a case-by-case examination. Please contact the responsible hunting authority.

  • Federal Hunting Act (BJagdG),
  • Hunting Act of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (Landesjagdgesetz, LJagdG),
  • Landesverordnung über die Prüfung zum Erwerb des ersten Jagdscheines (Jägerprüfungsverordnung).

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