Hunting matters

Anyone who has a right to hunt may nurture wild animals in a certain area, hunt them and appropriate them.

The hunting right is a right of use under private law to the property. The right to hunt is the exclusive power to nurture, hunt and appropriate wild animals subject to hunting law in a given area.

  • Hunting law is associated with the obligation to conserve . The aim of the conservancy of a species-rich and healthy wild population adapted to the landscape and cultural conditions as well as the care and safeguarding of its livelihoods.
  • When practicing hunting, the generally accepted principles of German woad justice must be observed. Hunting extends to the searching, stalking, killing and catching of game.
  • The right to appropriate game also includes the exclusive authority to appropriate sick or dead game, fallen deer and dropping rods, as well as the eggs of feathered game.

Hunting and rearing shall be carried out in such a way that:

  • biodiversity and a species-rich and healthy wild population are maintained in appropriate numbers within the framework of moderate and sustainable game management,
  • the natural conditions for the occurrence of the individual wild species are preserved,
  • cover and rest areas as well as grazing areas for the game are also created outside the forest, provided that this does not adversely affect the habitats of other specially protected wild animal species and specially protected plant species and does not preclude the interests of the landowners who are obliged to tolerate hunting leases within the framework of contracts,
  • Damage to wild animals and other adverse effects on agriculture, forestry and fisheries as well as nature and landscape are avoided as far as possible and ecological requirements are taken into account.
    In addition to the density of game, increased game damage can occur as a result of constant disturbances due to recreational traffic, tourism, sports activities and improper hunting. The calm factor is therefore of decisive importance for the reduction of damage.


Further information on hunting can be found in the state portal "Agriculture and Environment Schleswig-Holstein".

  • Hunting in Schleswig-Holstein

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