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Would you like to discharge wastewater into an above-ground body of water and/or into the groundwater via the subsoil? In this case, an application for a permit for the use of water must be submitted to the competent authority of the respective federal state.

For the discharge of wastewater into an above-ground body of water and / or via infiltration into the groundwater, a permit is usually required in Germany. For this purpose, an application must be submitted to the competent authority.

The required documentation depends on the wastewater (precipitation water, waste water, mixed water) to be discharged into the above-ground body of water and / or via infiltration into the groundwater.

The description and execution of the individual forms varies from one federal state to another. Generally formulated, there are application forms, checklists and information sheets as declarations or forms.

  • If applicable, link to the aforementioned forms: State specific
  • Online procedure possible: State specific
  • Written form required: State specific
  • Personal appearance necessary: State specific


  • State of the art (emission analysis)
  • Immission analysis
  • Other legislation
  • Prohibition of deterioration, requirement to achieve objectives
  • No violation of third-party rights
  • Proper exercise of water management discretion


Weitere Informationen zur Wasserwirtschaft und eine Adressübersicht der speziell fachlich zuständigen Behörden finden Sie im Landesportal "Landwirtschaft und Umwelt Schleswig-Holstein".

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