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The contaminated site cadastre provides information as to whether there is a suspected contaminated site or contaminated site on a property.

Contaminated sites are old deposits and old sites that can or are expected to pose a risk to the environment, in particular to human health. These are, for example, abandoned or decommissioned deposit sites for municipal or commercial waste (old deposits) or decommissioned plants and operating areas (old sites) on which environmentally hazardous substances were handled.

In order to know whether there is a suspected contaminated site or contaminated site on a property, you can apply for information from the contaminated site cadastre.

  • As owner: proof of ownership (declaration of ownership or copy of land register extract),
  • as a non-owner: power of attorney or declaration of consent of the landowner; this saves the owner's duty to be heard,
  • Excerpt from corridor maps or location maps,
  • Indication of the municipal area, parcel and parcel,
  • postal address (in the case of new buildings, this can be requested or applied for at the local order authority - Public Order Office - or, if necessary, the Citizens' Office).

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Further information on areas and contaminated sites suspected of contaminated sites, including the contaminated site cadastre or contaminated site information system (soil and contaminated site cadastre in accordance with § 5 LBodSchG) can be found in the state portal "Agriculture and Environment Schleswig-Holstein".

  • Contaminated sites data
  • Environmental Information Act (UIG),
  • Information Access Act for the State of Schleswig-Holstein (IZG-SH),
  • Act on protection against harmful soil changes and on the remediation of contaminated sites (Federal Soil Protection Act - BBodSchG),
  • § 5 Act on the Implementation and Amendment of the Federal Soil Protection Act (State Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Act - LBodSchG),
  • State Ordinance on Costs according to the Information Access Act for the State of Schleswig-Holstein (IZG-SH-KostenVO).

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