Trade and travel with live animals within the EU and with third countries: official veterinary check/health certificate

If you want to import animals into the EU from a non-EU country, you need a health certificate issued by an official veterinarian.

When moving from EU countries and importing live animals from non-EU countries into the European Union (EU), the animals must be accompanied by a health certificate. This health certificate shall confirm compliance with the health requirements for movement/import by an official veterinarian.

Animals that do not meet the health requirements may not be imported. The import of live animals must always take place through a border inspection post.

Simplified rules apply to travelling with pets within the EU. In principle, dogs, cats and ferrets must be identified and have an EU pet passport issued by the veterinarian, in which in particular the rabies vaccination is confirmed. Additional requirements are foreseen for certain Member States, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden and Malta.

Also the bringing of dogs and cats from non-EU countries (pet import) is not easily possible. In these cases, contact your veterinarian or the responsible veterinary office in good time.

When travelling with animals to non-EU countries, the regulations of these countries apply.

Anyone who brings dogs or cats from other EU countries or imports them into the EU from third countries in order to sell them must comply with more far-reaching regulations. These may be obtained from the competent veterinary authority or the border inspection post through which the animals are to be imported.

Identification documents of the animals, for example:

  • Pet passport
  • Equine passport (identity document for horses)
  • Cattle Pass
  • Commercial documents
  • Transport certificates.
  • Regulation (EU) No 576/2013 of the European Council of 12 June 2013 on non-commercial movement of pet animals and repealing Regulation (EC) No 998/2003
  • Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 577/2013 of 28 June 2013 on the model identification documents for the non-commercial movement of dogs, cats and ferrets, establishing lists of territories and third countries and laying down the format, layout and language requirements for declarations confirming compliance with certain conditions laid down in Regulation (EU) No 576/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council
  • Ordinance on the intra-Community movement, import and transit of animals and goods (Internal Market Animal Disease Protection Ordinance - BmTierSSchV).

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