Information blocks

A blocking of information in the population register is only entered under strict conditions.

To this end, you must credibly demonstrate that you or another person may be exposed to a risk to life, health, personal freedom or similar interests worthy of protection through a population register information.


  • For a blocking of information, you must make valid reasons that make it clear a danger to your or other persons credible to the local registration authority.
  • A verification of your details must confirm the risk you have cited.

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  • ยง 51 paragraph 1 Federal Registration Act (BMG)

It is advisable that you contact the competent authority before applying and find out whether a ban is possible in your case.

The information block will be entered on request. By submitting the application, you must present facts and credibly demonstrate why you may be at risk to life, health, personal freedom or similar interests worthy of protection by providing information. The application can be made in writing or in person by appointment with the authority.

Your details will then be checked by the competent authority. If this check shows that the corresponding conditions are met, a blocking of information for 2 years is noted in the population register, which refers to all types of population register information to private individuals and non-public bodies.

The ban only applies to the apartment for which it was requested.

You can have the information block extended after the time has elapsed.

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