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To enter certain countries, German citizens need a passport. On 1 November 2005, the Federal Republic of Germany was one of the first EU states to introduce the electronic passport (ePassport for short) with biometric data. In the ePassport, personal and document-related data and so-called biometric data (biometric-capable photograph since 1 November 2005 and two fingerprints since 1 November 2007) are stored on a chip. The passport is usually issued to persons aged 12 and over (children up to the age of 12 receive a children's passport). At the request of parents, a passport can also be issued for children under the age of 12. No fingerprints are taken in children under 6 years of age. For frequent travellers, you can apply for an ePassport with 48 pages. In order to obtain a travel document in a short time in urgent cases, there is the possibility of issuing the express pass. If a passport cannot be handed over in time for the first use even in the express procedure (maximum 72h), a temporary passport can be issued.

Age/expired passport (if available) or children's passport/child ID (if available), current photograph: frontal image according to international standards (biometric photograph), where applicable, declaration of consent of the parent with custody who is not present in the case of joint custody or proof of custody in the case of only one guardian in the case of persons up to the age of 18, where applicable, the identity card or copy of the parent with custody who is not present, Identity card and Certificate with current name (birth, marriage, marriage certificate, family book, declaration of naming, etc.)

If you fill out an online form provided to enter another country, use the number "0" as the zero and not the letter "O". This will help you avoid unnecessary trouble upon entry. Further detailed information on the subject of "ePass" can be found on the homepage of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI). Up-to-date information on entry requirements for foreign countries can be found on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.
Passport Act (PassG), Regulation on the implementation of the Passport Act (PassV), General administrative regulation for the implementation of the Passport Act (Passport Administration Regulation PassVwV).

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