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Birth seconds are issued by the registry office.

Each birth is entered in the birth register of the registry office in whose jurisdiction the child was born ("notarized"). On the basis of this notarization, the registrar issues a birth certificate on request. The application may be made orally, in writing or by fax; many registry offices have also placed an electronic form on their website with which documents can be ordered.

A birth certificate includes:

  • the first names and the maiden name,
  • gender, and
  • place and day of birth of the child,
  • the first names and surnames of the parents, and
  • the religious affiliation of the child and parents.

If the applicant so wishes, the certificate will also be issued without information about the sex of the child, the names of the parents and the religious affiliation.

In addition, a certified printout from the birth register can also be issued.


Parentage certificates and birth certificates, which were possible until 31.12.2008, no longer exist because they had little practical significance and are not known abroad.

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  • § 48 Ordinance on the Implementation of the Civil Status Act (Civil Status Ordinance - PStV).

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