Registering a marriage

An intended marriage must be registered with the registry office.

An intended marriage must be registered with the registry office in whose jurisdiction one of the partners is domiciled. There, the requirements for marriage are checked and, if necessary, documented in a certificate of marital capacity. If there is no impediment to marriage, the registry office informs the spouses accordingly. Taking into account the interests of the marriage and in coordination with the marriage registry office, a date for the marriage can also be determined.

The marriage may take place in the presence of a maximum of two witnesses if the spouse so wishes.

The marriage can also take place in front of any other German registry office. In these cases, the registry office of residence shall communicate the result of its examination on the application to the marriage registry office.

The spouses should determine a common surname (married names). In the case of marriage of jointly custodial partners, i.e. between the parents of children born in wedlock, the married name also extends to the joint children.

Since 1 October 2017, marriage between same-sex partners has also been possible in Germany due to the law introducing the right to marry for persons of the same sex.

For information on the documents required for the registration of the marriage and more detailed information on the implementation of the marriage, please ask in a personal conversation at the registry office, as these can be very different in individual cases.

Foreign spouses usually require a certificate of marital capacity from their home country.


If you have changed your name, your personal documents, such as e.B. Your identity card, passport or registration certificate Part II (vehicle registration document) will also be changed. Detailed information on which documents need to be changed can be obtained from the competent authority.

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