Apartment: Registration/Re-registration

Anyone who moves into an apartment must register with the registration office of their place of residence within two weeks.

Anyone who moves into an apartment must register with the registration office of their place of residence within two weeks. This also applies to the so-called move within your city or municipality or your office. The obligation to register exists regardless of whether the person obliged to report is entitled to use the apartment or whether he or she has a required residence permit or not. Registration must be made in person or by an authorised person. Anyone who is registered in Germany and moves into an apartment for a stay of no more than six months does not have to register or deregister for this apartment. Anyone who has not moved out of this apartment after six months must register with the registration office within two weeks. For persons who otherwise live abroad and are not registered in Germany, this obligation applies after three months.

Apartment within the meaning of the Registration Act

  • is any enclosed space that is used for living or sleeping,
  • accommodation on board a Bundeswehr ship,
  • are also weekend houses, shared accommodation, rooms in sublease and pure sleeping places, which are at least occasionally used for living or sleeping. Size and texture do not matter.

Caravans and caravans are only to be regarded as dwellings if they are not or only occasionally moved.

If you have several apartments in Germany , one of these apartments is the main apartment, the rest are secondary apartments.

Anyone moving to an inland waterway vessel that is registered in a ship register in Germany must register with the registration authority of the ship's home town. Shipowners of a seagoing vessel entitled to fly the federal flag must register the master and crew members of the ship with the registration authority at the shipowner's registered office at the beginning of the employment, hiring or training relationship.

When registering, the so-called pre-filled registration form according to § 23 paragraph 3 Federal Registration Act is used. You no longer have to fill out the registration form yourself, but after entering your identification data (surname, first name, date of birth and your previous address), your data will be retrieved by the previous registration authority and transferred to the registration form. All you have to do is check the information, correct it if necessary and sign the printed registration form.
Otherwise, you must complete a registration form. Many registration authorities provide the necessary registration form as a download on the Internet.
You will receive a confirmation of registration (official confirmation of registration) via your report.

Since 1 November 2015, the landlord must again participate in the registration with the registration authority. Therefore, each person subject to the obligation to report must be given a landlord's confirmation so that they can comply with their legal reporting obligation within two weeks of moving in. When registering the new place of residence, this landlord's confirmation must be presented to the registration authority (the rental contract is not sufficient). Should the person subject to the reporting obligation move into their own property, a self-declaration must be submitted when registering. The move out is to be confirmed by the landlord only when moving abroad or leaving one of several apartments (e.B an adjoining apartment).

If a minor resident who has previously lived with both parents in a main residence is re-registered from one parent to a new main residence, the consent of the other parent, a written agreement of the parents on the centre of life of the child or a family court decision on the transfer of the sole right of residence should be submitted. The same applies if the sole or main residence of the minor resident is to be re-registered from the home of one parent to the home of the other parent. From the age of 16, the minor child can register independently and without the consent of a person with custody.

  • Registration form (completed by hand) or a pre-filled registration form (issued by the registration authority),
  • Landlord's confirmation,
  • Identity card, temporary identity card, replacement identity card, recognised and valid passport or corresponding passport replacement document (§ 23 paragraph 1 BMG),
  • In the case of registration by an authorized person, in addition, the handwritten signed power of attorney of the reportable persons and one of the above-mentioned identity documents of the authorized person.

In addition, if you are moving from abroad:

  • where applicable, marriage certificate,
  • for children: birth certificate.

In addition, for foreign documents: A translation of the documents by a state-approved translator (certificate and translation must be presented in the original).

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You have the right to object to the transmission of your data to certain recipients or the establishment of an information block in the event of danger to life and limb. Your registration authority will provide you with the relevant information.

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