Certification of documents or signatures

A certification confirms e.B. the correspondence of copy and original.

Certification confirms the conformity of copies, copies, reproductions, negatives, printouts of electronic documents or electronic documents with the original.

Authorities may issue certifications if:

  • they have drawn up the document themselves, or
  • if the original is issued by an authority, or
  • the copy is required for submission to an authority,

unless the issue of certified copies from official registers and archives is reserved exclusively for other authorities by law.

Signatures and hand signals on documents are certified by public authorities when the signed document is required for submission to an authority or other body to which the signed document is required by virtue of a legal provision.

If a certification is required for use abroad, a simple certification is not sufficient. Rather, an apostille is required here.

The original document of which you will need a certified copy.

When certifying signatures or hand signals in addition:

  • Proof of identity (e.g. identity card or passport),
  • Document on which the signature or hand sign to be provided is to be certified.


An official certification is not sufficient,

  • if a public notarization or a public certification (by notaries, courts or certain authorities, for example the Youth Welfare Office) is required, or
  • if the exclusive competence of a particular authority is given (for example, extracts from the real estate cadastre may only be certified by the cadastral and surveying authorities).
  • Civil status certificates (birth, marriage or death certificates) may not be certified in principle, as they are kept continuously.
    There is only an exception in this case if the civil status certificate is required for use abroad. ( Apostille /Legalisation).
    New documents can be requested from the registry office that issued this document for the first time.

Land Ordinance for the Determination of the Authorities Authorized to Certify (Certification Ordinance)

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