Dangerous dogs: permission for keeping, leash requirement

Dangerous dogs must be kept on a leash in public and wear a muzzle.

Dangerous dogs in Schleswig-Holstein must be kept on a leash in public and wear a muzzle.
On their own property, dangerous dogs can run free. However, the property must be secured in such a way that the dogs cannot break out.
According to the Dog Keeping Act (HundeG), all dogs that have bitten a person or an animal, have uncontrollably chased or torn animals or that have repeatedly jumped at people in a dangerous manner or have shown other dangerous behavior are dangerous.
In order to keep a dangerous dog, you need a permit. Permission is granted only if the holder is of legal age and has the necessary reliability, personal suitability and expertise:

  • A dog owner, for example, must not have a criminal record for significant crimes.
  • Unsuitable for leading a dangerous dog are children or people who, due to their physical constitution, are not able to lead the dangerous dog safely.
  • Also unsuitable are alcohol or drug addicts as well as women and men who are incapacitated.
  • Knowledgeable in the sense of the law is who can safely keep and lead a dangerous dog due to his knowledge and skills. The competence is acquired by successfully passing a theoretical and practical competence test with the dog classified as dangerous.

The dog must also have liability insurance and a microchip.

  • Certificate of good conduct,
  • Proof of the conclusion of a liability insurance,
  • Certificate of competence and
  • Microchip marking certificate.


In accordance with § 14 (4) HundeG, the competent authority may grant an exemption from the muzzle obligation for certain dangerous dogs on request if the dog's ability to behave in a socially acceptable manner has been proven by a character test (§ 13 HundeG).
Upon request, the competent authority may determine that the conditions for the classification of the dog as dangerous are no longer met and revoke the classification (§ 7 para. 4 HundeG) if a veterinarian determines that a dangerousness no longer exists, the dangerousness has been legally established for at least 2 years and a character test that is at least one year old, has established the social compatibility of the dog.

Law on the Keeping of Dogs (Dog Act - HundeG).

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