Gun License / Small Gun License

Anyone who wants to carry weapons in public (e.B. outside the apartment) needs a gun license.

If you want to carry a firearm in public (i.e. outside your home or business premises, your pacified property or a shooting range), you need a gun license. A "small weapon licence" is required for carrying alarm shots, irritants and signal weapons (with PTB marking).

The requirements for obtaining a gun license are:

  • age of majority (18 years),
  • Reliability
  • Personal suitability,
  • Proof of need*,
  • Proof of liability insurance*,
  • Proof of weapon technical and weapon law expertise*.

(* Not required for "small arms license".)

  • § 10 Abs. 4 Waffengesetz (WaffG),
  • Landesverordnung über Verwaltungsgebühren (VwGebV),
    subheading 25.1.33 (arms licence),
    Subheading 25.1.37 (Small arms licence) .

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