Public assembly: show

Anyone wishing to hold an open-air public meeting or an elevator must report this to the competent authority prior to notification.

Anyone who wants to organize a public meeting in the open air or an elevator must always report this to the competent authority 48 hours before the announcement (= invitation of participants or call with different media).
If necessary, cooperation talks will be held in advance with the organizer regarding the course and execution of the meeting.

The application is not bound to any form, but must contain certain information, such as

  • Name and address of the organizer / organizer of the notifying person (private person or organization),
  • Name and address, telephone and fax / e-mail of the chairman of the meeting,
  • Description of the planned course of the meeting according to place, time and topic.
  • In the case of elevators, the planned route.
  • § 11 Freedom of Assembly Act for the State of Schleswig-Holstein (VersFG SH),
  • Art. 8 of the Basic Law (GG).

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