Animal diseases

Even the mere suspicion of certain animal diseases is notifiable to official veterinarians.

As a private or commercial pet owner, you are obliged to report certain animal diseases. Not only the outbreak (i.e. the detection of the disease by an official veterinarian) is not only notifiable, but also the mere suspicion of an outbreak.

If you suspect that an animal disease may have broken out, report this immediately by telephone or in person to the competent authority. In addition, you must immediately take all possible measures to prevent the spread of the disease (for example, house animals, separate "suspicious" animals from the others, make sure that no animals leave the site).

After the notification, the suspicion is examined by the competent authority. If it is indeed an animal disease, the necessary countermeasures (for example, quarantine) are taken in individual cases.

The diseases which are notifiable animal diseases in animals are regulated in the Ordinance on Notifiable Animal Diseases.

In addition to the notifiable animal diseases, there are other animal diseases that are not combated by the state, but whose occurrence is officially recorded.
A list of notifiable animal diseases can be found on the overview page on the topic of "Animal diseases" of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

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The following information is required when reporting the animal disease or suspicion:

  • What plague is suspected or what symptoms occur?
  • Type, number and location of the animals.
  • Owners of the animals.
  • Have measures already been taken? If so, which ones?
  • Were animals bought or sold?


According to the Animal Diseases Act, compensation can be granted by the Animal Disease Funds for losses in livestock caused by animal diseases. However, this requires that the disease report has been submitted immediately and that the number of animals kept (horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry) has been reported to the Animal Disease Fund and that the contribution has been paid.

  • Animal Disease Fund Schleswig-Holstein
  • Veterinary offices in Schleswig-Holstein
  • Animal Health Act (TierGesG),
  • Ordinance on Notifiable Animal Diseases (TierSeuchAnzV),
  • Act on the Implementation of the Animal Health Act in Schleswig-Holstein (AG TierGesG).

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